Career reading for Richard

7 02 2008

Richard asked “Where will I be in my career 1 year from now?”

I used the pyramid reading for this- it’s becoming one of my favourite spreads simply because it’s so illuminating and practical.

***1***   The Devil

**2*3* *   2 of Pentacles, Queen of Wands

*4*5*6*    8 of Wands, 3 of Pentacles, Justice

7*8*9*10   The Chariot, Knight of Cups, The Star, High Priestess

Richard, this is an interesting reading for you.  This is a time for you to get in touch with your “dark” side, which here represents your desires, your passion. As this reading is in the context of your career, it could mean that it’s time for you to engage with the grittier side of your work, and harness your ambitions and instincts.

In terms of your relationships, things look to be going well. The mood is celebratory, and there is a charming and intelligent woman in your life.

In terms of work, things will be progressing quickly. The central card to this reading is the 3 of pentacles, which basically represents hard work and progress, the laying of a strong foundation. This is a time for you to polish your skills and concentrate your energies on growth and preparation for future goals. If this is done, you will be rewarded fairly for your achievements.

The general advice here is that to do well, you need to demonstrate a go-getting spirit, control and leadership, as well as an ability to channel inspiration. Also important is the ability to keep emotions balanced and positive even during instability, and opportunities for future advancement will naturally show up.


A general reading for Dana

4 02 2008

Dana requested for a general reading about life and love.

Dana, I’ve done the Pyramid Spread for you, which can basically be interpreted in this way: 1st row- you, 2nd row- relationships, 3rd row-work/aspirations, 4th row-interlinked & to be read in relation to the above.

Your reading is as follows:

****1**** The Star

***2*3*** The Devil, Four of Wands

*4**5**6* 5 of Wands, 5 of Spheres, 6 of Spheres

7**8**9**10 10 of Spheres, 7 of Wands, 3 of Spheres, 3 of Cups

You’ve been going through some rough times, and you may feel like you’re passing through a dark valley. But the presence of the Star in your spread is your higher voice telling you to have hope and to persevere.

In terms of relationships, you have an unhealthy addiction to old patterns and feel unable to break free of them. Possibly the reason why you hold on is because at the best times, you feel exhilaration and a sense of being alive, a bit like a rollercoaster. Rather than rejecting this part of yourself, try and explore it to understand yourself better. You will overcome the first hurdle in the relationship you asked about, so do take time to be enjoy it, but be prepared for more challenges ahead.

In terms of work, you’ve financially suffered some setback and you feel that your progress has been held back because you’re just struggling to get by. This calls for a time for reflection, so you can avoid the same mistakes again. Meanwhile, practicality comes first, and coming to terms with present limitations will help you set up a workable plan to move forward. In this, you have people around you who are more than willing to help and share, so let them help you, and do the same for them.

Your time and effort will pay off, rewarding you with a time of material security and well-being. Emotionally, you’ll also be taking the next few steps towards more balance and commitment. Things are going well, but you are still wary of people and withdrawn. Although this may be understandable due to past events, and it’s good to be careful, but too many fears are self-limiting, and prevent you from realizing your dreams. There will be challenges ahead, to be certain, but there is also a lot of potential for good things.

All the best!

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A reading on health for R.K.

4 02 2008

R.K. from Vancouver asked “What is causing me to be ill, and when will I see the end of it?”

For this reading, I used the pentacle spread, which is useful for addressing concerns and fears and knowing what type of obstacles will be faced.

This was your reading:

****1**** Knight of Cups

2***6***3 The World, The Chariot, Knight of Swords

**4***5** 3 of Swords, Knight of Pentacles

The presence of so many Knights in your reading signify an increase in momentum, and also an in-flow of information, which is what I think you must be looking for. The good part is that you’re basically at the end of the guessing game about what your illness is and things will take an upswing, but before you can do that, you need to be prepared to hear some not-so-good news. What you should do is to discuss matters in some detail with your doctor, and possibly get a second opinion. That being done, don’t get too caught up in the deliberation. Be decisive in deciding on your treatment, and the cards indicate recovery!

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Working with copyright regulations

2 02 2008

Right now, I’m working with finding a solution that will allow me to post the readings I do online with the spreads. The main issue is that the publishers have very strict regulations about copyright, and you certainly would not be allowed to put up any of their images online (I checked).

So the solution is a) to search for freeware tarot, distributed under the General Public License, or b) to create my own set. The freeware search has yielded a few suitable sets, but honestly, I’m not sure about the copyright issue. Some have been listed simply because their creator didn’t say anything about copyright. Another set is a pop-culture collage, which includes photographs of celebrities, so that’s pretty murky.

The best bet seems to be the Colman-Smith set, which was released as a gift to the community by an artist who redesigned the Rider-Waite deck, which used to be considered royalty-free, but has been declared to legally belong to U.S. Games. I’m on the fence on that one, since it’s part of a a really complicated copyright case.

So right now, I’m seriously considering option b), which I’ve thought about doing many a time. Will need to be simple though, as I haven’t much time. Hmm…

What’s freetarot all about?

1 02 2008

Hi there, I’m Megan Laine. If you found your way here, I guess you must be wondering what this blog is all about. Well, read on!

I’m a lover and collector of tarot decks, and is my project to expand my exploration of the tarot. While I’ve loved and studied the tarot for years, I’ve been mainly reading for myself, friends and family. While this is fulfilling by itself, it does get kind of boring after a while, and I’m looking for a challenge. So I’ve decided to give free readings on my blog as a project.

If you’ll like a reading from me, do drop me an email at, stating the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Your question*

*It’s important that you give me some context to your question and here’s why. For live readings, I ask the querent to focus their energy on their question while I shuffle the cards, so I don’t need to ask questions. Unfortunately, taking email queries doesn’t allow for that, so I need to put in that focus on your behalf.

Context doesn’t need to be wordy either. Something like, “My boyfriend lives in England while I live in the States. We’ve been together for two years now, and I’m worried that we’re drifting apart. What will be the outcome of our relationship?” would do perfectly fine!

Any strings attached?

Nope, none whatsoever. But I need you to understand that I reserve the right to choose the queries I want to do readings for, the deck I want to read with and the spread I want to use. This is to maximise my own learning experience as well as yours. So if you’re okay with that, go ahead!